We’re not here to chase big national brands, and we don’t work with small businesses as a second thought, to keep the bottom line healthy. To us, small is a very big deal.

At Zuka Media, we transform businesses by creating pleasant customer experiences. We do this by combining strong strategic and creative thinking with expert data analysis and a deep understanding of current and emerging technologies.

We believe that technology should be an asset, not a problem. We strive to integrate technology seamlessly into your organization to enhance every aspect of your performance. We provide both product and strategy consulting, in addition to technical implementation and project execution. We believe in an independent approach to technology solutions, and work with firms to define, deliver and execute their technology strategy.

In order to offer maximum value to our clients, we have endeavoured to strike the right balance between resources and cost to be able to offer SMEs the benefits of a full-service digital marketing agency at an appropriate investment level. This is evident in the way we work with our clients. Our approach principles and working phases have been developed as a framework for offering that balance of expertise versus cost.

We take pride in cultivating a working environment that balances a professional and personal culture where we nurture authentic and meaningful relationships. Our client relationships transcend formalities; they’re built on trust, transparency and genuine empathy – after all, we’re an SME, too.

Why Zuka Media

Here are some of the reasons our clients chose Zuka Media...

Zuka Media is based on an ethical approach to commercial partnerships. For us, being fair and honest is the right way to promote long term business relationships.

We care about the projects we get involved in and we are not going to be afraid to tell you when we think you’re wrong and there’s a better way. What matters to us is that our collaboration with you enables us to achieve our goal: to create digital media and IT solutions that result in the growth and success of your business/organization.

Our creative team aims to inspire and delight. We believe that creative genius has no boundaries and don’t limit ourselves by thinking small. We develop practical ways to execute the full spectrum of our big ideas and just like everything else we do, the user and audience are at the core of our creative process.

At the very core of everything successful is passion. The passion we have for the work we do gives is what gives it its cutting-edge. Without passion everything is mediocre. Passion is fundamental to everything we do and integral to any successful brand.

Zuka Media brings together an incredibly unique mix of creative genius and expertise. We design and develop solutions that people can make sense of, that inspire, and that enhance every aspect of your image. Whether you need web design, web development, digital marketing, cloud computing or a total package – we have the expertise to provide you with coherent and effective solutions.


We'll do everything we can to make your business our next best project!